The greatest architect in the 20th century. Nearly all well known architects has been inspired by Le Corbusier, i.e. Jørn Utzon, Arne Jacobsen, Asplund, Aalto, Wright. Le Corbusier is autodidact as architect and drew his first house when he was 18 years old. He was fascinated by the Sydney Opera House and agreed to decorate it. Le Corbusier accepted the invitation to work in Sydney, and Utzon visited him in 1959. "A long way to go for a glass of water and three lettuce leaves", Jørn Utzon told his staff on his return. 

Jørn Utzon bought several works of art by Le Corbusier, i.e. a tapestry.

Le Corbusier built the new capital of India, Chandigarh, in 1950.