About Flemming Bo Andersen

Flemming Bo Andersen was born in 1955 and is now working as a photographer and public speaker in Denmark. He has, for more than 30 years, studied several famous architects all over the world, Jørn Utzon being one of his most passionate studies.

In this connection he has held several meetings and interviews with Jørn Utzon, visited Utzon in Can Liz, Can Feliz in Mallorca and also the house in Hellebæk, Denmark. During a number of expeditions around the world, including Australia, Iran, India, Morocco and Kuwait, Mr. Andersen has gained a unique insight into the works of Utzon and collected more than 10,000 photos of all Utzon's works and projects from all over the world.

This extensive knowledge, material and analyses over the past two decades have formed the basis of the app "The Utzon Guide" where you can get a fascinating look into one of the world's most influential architects who has ever lived.