Curriculum Vitae and biography


Born in Copenhagen, on April 9th. His father was Aage Oberg Utzon, a naval architect (1885-1970), and his mother was Estrid Hauna Waleska Olsen (1894-1951). Jørn Utzon was baptised in Budolfi Church

The Utzon family lives in an apartment in Vendelbogade, close to the harbour

Childhood in Aalborg.



Jørn Utzon attends school at Klostermarksskolen.

Every summer Jørn visits his grandmother in Aalsgaarde, North Zealand.

Jørn often goes to Aalborg Monastery and Hotel Phoenix with his mother.

The Utzon family moves to another residence, a house in Vejgaard, Aalborg.



Utzon's parents attended the World Exhibition in Stockholm.



Jørn Utzon moves to Godthaab near Aalborg where he lives for 6 months. His parents move to Elsinore.

Graduates from The Cathedral School in Aalborg. 



Graduates as architect of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where Kaj Fisker, Steen Eiler Rasmussen, Edvard Thomsen among others were his teachers.

Hereafter he studies and works in Sweden. He works with Hakon Ahlberg and Paul Hedqvist in Stockholm, and with Alvar Aalto in Finland.

He regards Asplund and Aalto as his Nordic masters.


Marries Lis Fenger on December 4th in Seglora Church, Skansen, Stockholm.



Works in Alvar Aalto's studio. After a few weeks he moves back to Denmark.



Study tours to Europe, with a stay in Paris as well as in Morocco where he becomes very interested in the anonymous

Islamic building tradition.

Participates in competitions in collaboration with Arne Korsmo.



Study tours around Mexico with Arne Korsmo, where he studies the Mayan pyramids and their use of platforms, and in the United States, where he meets with Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe and Eero Saarinen.



Establishes an independent architect studio.



Becomes a member of the PAGON-Group (Progressive Architects' Group Oslo Norway).



Builds his own house in Hellebæk, where he introduces the "open plan" in Denmark.



Works with the Swedish architects Erik and Henry Andersson.



First journey to Australia.

Travels to China, Japan and Nepal.



Study tour to Isfahan, where he studies Iranian city structure, bazaars and ceramic facades, together with Hans Munk Hansen.



Journey to Albisola, Italy, where Utzon meets Asger Jorn.



Moves to Sydney in order to direct the construction of the Opera House.



Builds his own house in Porto Pedro, Mallorca.



Lives in Hawaii and teaches architecture at the Honolulu University



Lives periodically in Denmark, Sweden and Mallorca.



Establishes the Utzon Association in cooperation with his sons, the architects Jan and Kim Utzon.



Jørn Utzon dies on November 29th.